glow audio integrated tube amplifier with USB and DAC single ended valve amplifier
ipod compatible stereo tube amplifier with USB and DAC valve integrated amplifier single ended el84


T H E   G L O W   A M P   O N E   T U B E   A M P L I F I E R


Single Ended Bliss



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GLOW Amp One




"Simply silly brilliant."  -Srajan Ebaen, 



Proud Recipient of the 6 Moons "Realsization" Award

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"What do I like about the GLOW Amp One? Pretty much everything.

Quite simply I have never heard my recordings sound more real...

on old familiar vinyl I experienced a kind of presence that was downright spooky.

The GLOW Amp One is a Hi Fi epiphany." 

-Dr. Jeff Rabin,




"Smart, small and eye-catching design with a sweet, open sound and plenty of detail...

...a fine effort from GLOW Audio"





"The Amp One from GLOW Audio is an amazing feat. I’ve never seen point to point wiring at this price.  

The amp is a solidly constructed piece of equipment weighing in at around 20 lbs. And oh yes, the sound is gorgeous.

The single-ended design eliminates the crossover distortion that hampers many tube amplifiers at this price range.

The amp put out a pleasing and rich sound on Paradigm Mini Monitors and Polk Lsi9 bookshelf speakers. 

With Sennheiser HD600 and AKG 702 headphones … the Amp One is also the best tube headphone amplifier I’ve heard."

-Derek Brooks, The Audiophile Journal





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We build hand crafted stereo amplifiers with the purity of sound that only a thoughtfully designed and well assembled tube amplifier can provide. Get the sound quality you've been missing, with the simplicity and style you want. The GLOW Amp One is meticulously designed to please the eye and the ear, at a price you can afford.


The GLOW Amp One is a classic stereo tube amplifier design, with a twist - every GLOW amplifier has the option of being connected to your computer via the GLOW Audio DAC ONE, a plug and play device designed to give you  audiophile grade sound quality from any computer. This allows you to use your computer as a hifi music source, by streaming audio from the internet or playing music stored in your hard drive. (Note: For a limited time, the GLOW Audio DAC ONE is being provided at no additional charge with the purchase of the GLOW Amp One.) 


The Amp One has the smooth, silky and detailed sound for which good single ended tube amps are famous.  If you have never heard a high quality tube amplifier, prepare to be startled by the subtle musical details the amp reveals.  By design, single ended tube amps are low power, with high resolution.




Matched with efficient loudspeakers, the GLOW Amp One can produce the most natural sound imaginable.  


Versatility.  Just hook up your computer using the GLOW Audio DAC ONE. Or, plug in your CD player, iPod, DVD player, or your Hi Def television via the two RCA inputs. You can also stream your music to the GLOW Amp One from your smart phone or tablet via bluetooth ..... with the breathtaking realism provided by this high quality single ended tube amplifier.


Or, use the GLOW Amp One as a headphone amplifier (standard audiophile 1/4" headphone jack included), and experience an incredible level of realism and detail. The headphone signal is stepped down directly from the amp's output transformers, giving you a silky smooth and non-fatiguing sound via headphones.


You will enjoy hour music as never before. Or your money back. 





Our promise to you:  Our GLOW Amp One will sound and perform as well as or better than equipment costing twice as much.  If you don't agree, simply return within 30 days for a full refund.




 The Amp One in White

NOTE: The ring around the volume knob subtly and slowly changes colors while the amp is in operation.



Close up of Amp One Tube Cage.



The GLOW Amp One Features:



Removable tube cage included with all amplifiers 

Simple plug-and-play USB connection for your laptop, PC or MAC 

2 RCA source inputs (switchable)

Single ended (SE) Class A pentode design

EL84 power tubes*

Ceramic Tube Sockets

All point-to-point wiring

High quality transformers

Minimum use of negative feedback
Tubes are self-biasing and never need adjusting

1/4" Headphone jack

ALPS volume potentiometer

High quality binding posts

High Gloss Enamel paint with anti-corrosion undercoating

Steel chassis

Full one year warranty against defects

115-220 V switchable, fuse protected

CE certified in compliance with European Economic Area (EEA) requirements






Amp One in Silver.




The GLOW Amp One can be purchased in the following colors:

 Red, Silver, White, Black and Black-on-black.





The Amp One




Speakers: 4Ω~8Ω
Earphone: 32Ω~600Ω
5W×2 at 1KHz
Earphone: 600mW
10Hz-30KHz (-1dB)
<1% (1W)
USB SOUND DECODER (with optional GLOW Audio DAC ONE)
16Bit 2704 decoder
USB connection
6N3×2, EL84×2
Switchable 110V/220/230V AC, 50~60Hz
11.5" X 5.5" X 6" (238 mm x 138 mm x 148 mm)
RCA stereo Connectors x 2
Binding posts x 2
Power cord x 1
Stereo (6.35 mm diameter)
Net Weight:  14.33 lbs. (6.5KG) 
Shipping Weight:  16.5 lbs. (7.5KG)

Specifications are subject to improvement without notice or obligation.











Each tube amp comes with a removable color-matched steel tube cage. 






point-to-point wiring close up

(the following two photos used with permission from Srajan Ebaen, 6Moons)








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The GLOW Amp One is  CE certified and meets all the essential requirements of the relevant European Directive(s) for sale throughout the European Economic Area (EEA).

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*POWER TUBE INFO:  European EL84s differ in design from their Chinese, Russian and American counterparts in one important respect:  On all European manufactured EL84s, pins 1 and 2 are connected together inside the tube envelope. Chinese, Russian (and most American) EL84s do not internally link the pins 1 and 2 (with the exception of the Russian remake of the Genalex Gold Lion).  This poses no problem for the Amp One, with the exception of Ver. 09/10. Due to a particular circuit design utilized on those amplifiers, this version of the amplifiers are not compatible with the European tubes. When a European manufactured EL84 is plugged into the '09/10 GLOW amp, the additional connection within the tube envelope in the European design is likely to cause premature failure of the tube, and possible damage to your amplifier. 

This limitation applies only to the 2009/10 model.

If you have any questions regarding compatibility of your amplifier with any particular make of tube, email us.  

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