T H E    G L O W    A M P    O N E    T U B E    A M P L I F I E R


Not Shown: Back by Popular Demand, the GLOW Amp One in Ferrari Yellow!




...the lowest price EVER on the iconic and award winning GLOW AUDIO Amp One.

GLOW AUDIO tube amp starter kit



Perhaps the best sounding dual function amplifier on the market today.


The GLOW Amp One is an integrated amplifier that can get the best from efficient loudspeakers.  

It is also a superlative headphone amplifier.

Get the imaging and detail you've been missing from your favorite music.



What's New.  The latest version of the acclaimed GLOW Amp One incorporates several new features including: 2 RCA analog inputs (instead of one); addition of a hi/lo impedance switch for headphone users; replacement of the internal DAC with an optional external DAC device offering higher quality digital to analog conversion (DAC included for a limited time, see below for details). The new impedance and input selector switches are located on the side panels of the amplifier, allowing our most refined unit to retain the classic, uncluttered look of the original GLOW Audio Amp One.


What has NOT changed. Since the original Amp One's introduction in 2007, there has been no better sounding, better built amplifier on the market, at twice the price. Over the years, the Amp One has been continuously improved and refined. The latest rendition is the best yet.  These units are hand assembled by skilled technicians, using the point-to-point wiring method. Bringing you the Amp One is a labor of love; we are proud of our amplifiers.... and we don't cut corners.


DAC Included.  The Amp One includes at no additional cost the new GLOW Audio DAC 1.3, a high quality digital-to-analog converter. The GLOW DAC 1.3 allows audiophile grade sound quality from your computer.  About the size of a deck of cards, the GLOW Audio DAC 1.3 is an external, plug in DAC that provides enhanced performance over the internal DAC in previous models of the GLOW Amp One.




Computer connectivity made easy .....

For a Limited Time Only, Price includes the GLOW Audio DAC 1.3 at No Additional Charge (a $128 value)




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Sale Price, Inventory Reduction.........


We have all color options in stock but supplies are limited.


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Except for back-ordered items, all orders will be filled within five business days.

Even if you order from overseas, you can expect delivery of your items within 5 to 7 business days


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Pictured below: The original GLOW Amp One in Ferrari Yellow. Available again in limited numbers beginning November 10, 2017.




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