glow audio amp two push pull integrated stereo tube amplifier e
glow audio amp two integrated stereo tube valve amplifier push pull el84


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T H E    G L O W    A M P    T W O    T U B E    A M P L I F I E R



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T H E    G L O W    A U D I O     A M P     T W O    S A L E


Inventory Clearance - Save Over $600


Announcing our biggest sale ever on one of our most popular items. Purchase our Amp Two at this special discounted price, and save over $600 off the original retail price of $1,508.  We will also include a GLOW Audio DAC 1.3 and an AUKEY BR-C1 bluetooth streaming device with your purchase.


We are eliminating inventory and that means GREAT pricing on arguably the best built and best sounding push-pull valve amplifier at the under $5,000 price point.  Save yourself hundreds of dollars while we make room for our new models!







(More than $600 off the original price of $1508) 




Just add speakers to enjoy the superior sound of a genuine GLOW Audio tube amplifier.


It's that simple!




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About the Amp Two.  The GLOW Amp Two is a push-pull stereo tube amplifier producing 15 watts per channel, featuring EL84 power tubes. Like the acclaimed GLOW Amp One, it is assembled by hand, utilizing the point-to-point method, to assure years of durability, reliability, and superior performance.


The Amp Two has a classic sound. It has the punch of a good push-pull amp, without the graininess that is characteristic of many push-pull amps in its price range. It has the sweet high end of the EL84, a tight, impressive bass output, and a natural sounding mid range. It sounds wonderful on a wide range of music.


For those who need more power than the GLOW Amp One provides, the GLOW Amp Two with 15 watts of push-pull power per channel just might be the solution.


If you need an amp for headphone use, the GLOW Amp One remains the choice for you.  The Amp Two does NOT have a headphone output.



Amp Two Color Options.  The Amp Two comes in two color choices: Gloss black and gloss white. These are high quality, high gloss, mirror like finishes.  


Amp Two Pricing.  The retail price of the GLOW Amp Two is $1508 [While suppplies last, the sale price is $880]. The Amp Two is intended to equal or exceed the quality and performance of amplifiers costing up to twice the price.



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Computer connectivity made easy .....

Receive at No Additional Charge the GLOW Audio DAC 1.3 with your purchase (a $128 value). While supplies last, we are also including the AUKEY BR-C1 bluetooth streaming receiver, so that you can stream your music in high fidelity from your phone or other mobile device to your GLOW amplifier.


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