The Best Holiday Sale Ever.....



The GLOW Audio Tube Amp Starter Kits, while supplies last:


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Purchase any new 2013/2014 GLOW Audio Tube Amplifier between now and the end of the year, and receive free loudspeakers or headphones from:







(retail value up to $500)

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There are two GLOW Audio Starter Kits to choose from:



The Amp One Starter Kit


GLOW Amp One ............... $840


GLOW DAC 1.3 ................ FREE ($128 value)


plus your choice of


AKG M80 Mk II Headphones FREE ($180 value)


Pioneer SE-A1000 Headphones FREE ($160 value)


POLK Audio R150 Loudspeakers FREE ($180 value)






The Amp Two Starter Kit


GLOW Amp Two .......... $1,508


GLOW DAC 1.3 .......... FREE ($128 value)


plus your choice of


TRIANGLE Plaisir bookshelf loudspeakers FREE ($500 value)


KLIPSCH B-20 bookshelf loudspeakers FREE ($300 value)


Definitive Technology 350 bookshelf loudspeakers FREE ($500 value) 



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Just in time for the holidays. And in celebration of GLOW Audio's seventh year as purveyors of extraordinarily pleasing audio gear.  



The Details:   Make an on line purchase of either the GLOW Amp One or GLOW Amp Two. We will contact you by email to confirm your purchase, and inquire which choice of free items you prefer. Then we mail your items to you. It's that simple. Just add your favorite music, and your GLOW Starter Kit will take care of the rest!


The speakers or headphones you choose will be free. As in no charge. A gift to you. Our way of saying THANK YOU to our loyal GLOW customers, and our devoted followers the world over. These are all NEW IN BOX units. No demo, used, or refurbished units. You pay only the cost of shipping (shipping will be from $10 to $40 in the continental USA, depending on the item you select; Canada, Hawaii, Alaska and Overseas shipping costs will vary, depending on your item and location).   


Why are we making this offer?  

We love turning folks on to the incredible sound of a high quality tube amplifier.  We are celebrating our seventh year in the business, and we are happy to share our success with you.

In the past we have offered discounts on our GLOW Amp/GLOW speaker combinations, but we have run low of our own acclaimed GLOW Voice One loudspeakers, and won't have new stock in time for the holidays. (We still do have a small inventory of these unique loudspeakers in White or Silver finishes).  So we decided to put together an all-in-one package that includes free loudspeakers from various well known manufacturers. 



GLOW to the People.  

While there are dedicated audiophiles who put our GLOW amps at the heart of very expensive audio systems (in his review of the GLOW Amp One, Srajan Ebaen at 6 Moons mated our under $1,000 amp with a pair of $12,000 RETHM Saadhana speakers), it is important to note that our amps can make even a budget system sound phenomenal.  We have many customers who match our amps with more modest speakers, or use vintage speakers acquired from second hand shops. And what they discover is that, driven with a GLOW amp, even a modest pair of speakers can sound downright amazing.


The speakers we are offering pursuant to this Special Offer are excellent speakers in their respective price ranges. You will enjoy the sound from these speakers with a GLOW tube amplifier. It is indeed a pleasant surprise to find how capable some under $500 speakers are, when matched with an amplifier that can bring out the best in the speaker's design.  


Consider the Amp One Starter Kit if you want a high performance system for under $1,000. You will receive your choice of a great pair of audiophile headphones (AKG or Pioneer), or a pair of POLK bookshelf loudspeakers with your new amp. You won't find a better sounding starter system anywhere else for under $1,000.  


Consider the Amp Two Starter Kit if you want a  high performance system for under $2000. With the purchase of the amazing GLOW Amp Two, you will receive your choice of Klipsch, Triangle, or Definitive Technology bookshelf loudspeakers. 


With this limited offer, this might just be the right time to invest in a quality audio system. Because we emphasize quality, eschewing printed circuit boards, plastic, and mass production, you will own a piece of equipment you can cherish for a lifetime.  At a cost much less than what many of your neighbors are paying at big box retailers for cookie cutter sound systems.  Long after those gimmicky surround sound receivers have become piles of e-waste, your GLOW amp will continue making beautiful music for you and your family to enjoy.


GLOWBIES: If you have already been enjoying that GLOW sound, maybe now is the time to buy someone special a GLOW Starter Kit. Or maybe it is time to upgrade to a newer GLOW amp, and get a pair of free speakers to boot. This is a chance to share the joy, and share the GLOW sound with someone you know and love. 


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