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Voice One Custom Speaker Stands


Hand crafted by designer Joel Scilley of AUDIOWOOD fame, these beautiful speaker stands are specifically designed for use with our acclaimed GLOW Voice One loudspeakers.


The GLOW speaker stands are constructed of sustainably-produced solid bamboo, nicely complementing the environmentally friendly Voice One speakers, which utilize enclosures made of recycled wood scraps. The stands feature tenoned construction and a durable finish. ., .. The combination of the GLOW Voice One and AUDIOWOOD designed stands makes a compelling, visually stunning presentation. 


There are two types of stands to select from.  The Floorstands are available in a Natural Bamboo finish, while the Desktop Stands are available in your choice of natural bamboo and honey bamboo finishes.  Information on how to order is provided below; see more photos of these gorgeous creations HERE.





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   The Desktop                                                                    The Floorstand



     $80 plus Shipping and Handling                                                                            Temporarily Out of Stock

Per Pair: $218 plus Shipping and Handling





OPTION 1:  The Desktop Stand


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Select Finish









OPTION 2:  The Floorstand

In Natural Bamboo Finish - Introductory Price

*TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK. New floorstands being fabricated, expected to be available in September, 2014

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