sub photos

Photos of the 2009 GLOW Sub One 


Our diminutive subwoofer outperforms many larger subs .... 

....and it looks pretty classy, too. 


Take a closer look and we'll point out a few features that make the GLOW Sub One a component worthy of note.  


Click on thumbnails for larger images.

First, about the curved bamboo side panels. While many folks hide their subs behind their couches, we wanted our subs to be seen as well as heard.  So we encase them in something other than the usual boring MDF. We chose bamboo because it is a natural, renewable alternative to wood, and it looks great. 

We also provide sturdy metal grills instead of the usual foam or plastic speaker covers for both the woofer and the passive radiator.

Notice the passive radiator located on the bottom. The passive radiator increases the low bass response of our 6.5" woofer, without the "chuffing" and frequency specific "boom" associated with many small subwoofers that utilize a simple ported box to increase bass.  This allows our sub to deliver a smoother, more seemless output than any other small sub available at this price range.

Notice also the use of brass feet, instead of the usual plastic or rubber feet. Why? Because these higher quality feet help to drain vibrations away from the cabinet structure better than plastic or rubber. 

On the rear, instead of the usual cheap, spring loaded speaker connectors, you can see speaker connection hardware that allows for use of higher quality spades or banana plugs.


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