GLOW Amplifiers amp one amp two stereo tube amplifier wireless stream tube audio el84 single end ended push pull pentode class a
glow audio tube amplifier single end push pull dac valve amp integrated tube amp

Glow audio amp one amp two iPod compatible stereo tube amplifier with USB and DAC wireless stream tube audio el84 el34 single end ended push pull pentode class a, ultralinear tube amplifier with DAC and direct USB connectivity, great sound with ipod, computer, Bluetooth or any musical source no tripath t-amp no transistor point-to-point  analog 7189a pin configuration magnatone screen grid power tube socket pentodes triodes negative feedback output transformer  


classic tube amplifier vintage smooth warm sound scott heathkit  dynaco quad valve 6bq5 ge nos mullard sylvania sovtek vacuum tube 

T H E    G L O W    A U D I O     T U B E     A M P L I F I E R S



Audiophile grade stuff that is anything but ordinary





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Note:  All of our amplifiers are hand built, utilizing perfectly matched hand wound transformers. The amps are meticulously constructed using the point-to-point method, so that NO Printed Circuit Boards are utilized in our amplifiers.  Regarding Printed Circuit Boards, in 1985 the Tannoy Corporation suspended use of Printed Circuit Boards in Tannoy Audio products after extensive research had shown conclusively that PCBs are detrimental to sound quality. 


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