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Read the Positive Feedback September 2018 review of the GLOW AUDIO Amp Two HERE.

EXCERPT: "What the GLOW Amp Two brings to the party is a quintessentially classic tube amplifier sound; a fine midrange that is absent the graininess that besets other amps at this price point. It has a warmth in the midrange that many would associate with the old-school tube amplifiers of legend.

Playing Marconi Union's hypnotic selection, "Weightless" the pulsating rhythm and swirling synthesizers filled my listening room with mesmerizing instrumentation. Simple pieces like Julian Bream's  recording of "Prelude #1 in E minor" were simply lovely. Soundgarden's "Burden in My Hand" showed that the Amp Two has no trouble making the rockers really swing, without the accompanying fatigue produced by some amplifiers. Like the Amp One, you can listen to the Amp Two all day long.

The Amp Two drove my Triangle test speakers capably with all music genres, and each tune was nothing less than delightful. You're looking at a fine value for an aesthetically striking, no doubt-about-it-tube amplifier. If you're lucky enough to have a pair of really high efficiency speakers from manufacturers like Zu Audio, Tekton Design, or Devore Fidelity, I think you'd be very pleased how nice the combination can sound at such a modest price."  -Dean Seislove, Positive Feedback



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The GLOW AUDIO Inventory SALE continues through the 2018 Winter Season, but supplies are limited! Check our never-before-seen inventory clearance prices, save over $600 on the classic GLOW Amp Two and over $250 on the iconic GLOW Amp One !


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By Popular Demand- The GLOW Amp One in Ferrari Yellow is back!!! When we introduced the Amp One way back in 2007, we included a limited number of amps in Ferrari Yellow (in addition to our amps in white, black, red, and silver finishes). Interesting enough, the amp in Gloss Yellow was quite popular with our european customers, particularly audiophiles in Germany, Sweden, Iceland, and Norway. They snapped them all up, with only a small number going to our North American and Asian customers. We have no explanation for this, but we have been receiving regular requests to bring the Amp One back in Ferrari Yellow. And so we have ..... available once again in 2018, behold the Amp One in Ferrari Yellow!

Below: The original Amp One in Ferrari Yellow, as reviewed by a German audio magazine. 



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SPRING 2017 - BACK IN STOCK!!! New shipment of the Amp One in All Black finish has arrived.

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Behold! The Voice One, available again, in kit form! We are now offering our acclaimed Voice One as a DIY kit. Comes with all the parts you need to assemble your own Voice One speakers, including unfinished wood enclosures, steel tripod legs, highly acclaimed Fountek FE-85 drivers, high quality binding posts, port tubes, and all hardware.

Assemble your own Voice One KIT loudspeakers in less than 3 hours.

 Check HERE for more details.




The new GLOW Voice One KIT, includes all hardware:  Shown on the Left in Natural Pine, and on the Right, in Mahogany Stain.


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   -   A few words from recent customers .....


"This is my second Amp One,

I am in love with my other one!"

-J. Van Etton, October 6


"The Amp One is fantastic

I also have Voice One speakers. 

 Congratulations on two fine products.

I am getting very nice playback with

this system for lesss than what some

people pay for a phono cartridge."

-Edward Lau, September 23



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FALL 2015 - Testimonial: "Greetings, got my new GLOW Amp Two and just love it. My dream of owning a tube amp is now complete and it did not cost me an arm and a leg. Bravo GLOW! Thank you again for assisting me in my purchase, the system sounds sweet!" -George P. August 19.




Summer 2015- GLOW Audio's focus has always been on the development and production of high quality, no nonsense tube amplifiers. We have also designed award winning small speakers, utilizing patented enclosure technologies, and a mini subwoofer that at 10 inches square, many have considered the best small powered sub available from any source. We are continuing research and development of new speakers that match well with our renowned tube amplifiers. 

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MARCH - APRIL 2015 - We prefer to keep things simple. We don't spend exorbitant amounts on advertising. Our customers do their research, and they hear about us through word of mouth. This way we can keep our prices low, and keep our focus on providing a quality product and great customer service. Here is a testimonial from a recent customer in Knoxville, Tennessee (a beautiful town perched on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains):  


"My thoughts, in a nut shell, are Wow, what an amplifier!  I don’t mean to be long winded but you need to understand a bit about my approach to this business of audio.  I am a musician, not an audiophile.  I don’t care about the equipment for equipment’s sake.  I am interested to what degree the equipment allows me to connect emotionally to the music.  

The focus is always the music.  For example, sitting ten feet away from a skilled violinist is an experience you will never forget.  The dynamic range of that instrument is unbelievable.  It can go from the most delicate almost imperceptible sound to deafening in an instant.  To hear the color of the sound dramatically change at the will of the performer.  To see and smell the cloud of rosin hovering above the strings.  To hear the range of emotion pouring from the performer through the instrument.  To hear the pluck of pizzicato followed an instant later by the bloom of the sound from the instrument itself.  To sometimes hear the bow drawn across the string and other times not, again at the will of the performer.  To have an emotional connection that involves the performer, the instrument and even the room itself.  While some of these experiences may be subtle, it is precisely these experiences that turn sound into music.  

Maybe I’m demanding but I judge a piece of equipment by how close it comes to recreating that experience.  How well does it make music.  I am elated to say that the Amp One is outstanding at all of these things and more.  OK, so the Amp One didn’t recreate the cloud of rosin.  Maybe that’s something you can work on.

I can talk about the difference between sound and music adnauseum but suffice to say, The GLOW Amp One sounds right.  It sounds real.  It makes music.  I can think of no better praise.  And if that’s not enough, it may be even better with a good pair of headphones.  This amp is surely the best kept secret in all of audio.  If not, you would be in a perpetual state of back order."  -Terry Keasler


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OK, we will repeat .... FREE LOUDSPEAKERS 


We know. You've been waiting for a great deal on GLOW Audio gear. Now your patience is being rewarded. When you buy a GLOW Amp between now and the end of the year, you will receive your choice of FREE loudspeakers from DEFINITIVE TECHNOLOGY, TRIANGLE, and KLIPSCH.




While supplies last. Some of these items retail for as much as $500 so we expect our limited stock of free stuff to go fast.


The free items are a gift to you from GLOW Audio, now celebrating 7 years in the business.


And who doesn't like free stuff?


See HERE for details.


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SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013 - UPDATE: We had a great response to our End of Summer GLOW Amp One Sale. And now our new Holiday Sale is even better; we continue to offer the FREE DAC and your choice of FREE headphones, plus we offer the option for FREE loudspeakers. Best of all, the GLOW Amp Two is now included in our sale. We are offering FREE loudspeakers including models from DEFINITIVE TECHNOLOGY, TRIANGLE, POLK, and KLIPSCH.

See HERE for details.




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AUGUST 2013  - In case you might have missed it, a review of our Amp One was featured recently in the Audiophile Journal. To quote editor Derek Brooks, "....the best tube headphone amplifier I've ever heard." And that's BEFORE the improvements incorporated into the 2013-2014 amplifier, which include a low/high impedance switch to assure the ability to match up with a wide range of headphones. Of course, the Amp One is more than a great headphone amp. It will drive most any loudspeakers with a sensitivity of 90 dB or better, and with its smooth single ended sound, can make even ordinary loudspeakers sound exceptional.


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JUNE/JULY 2013 - GLOW Audio attended T.H.E SHOW in Newport, CA this May 31 to June 2. Our show partners were Dr. Scilley's AUDIOWOOD turntables, and Chip Winston's CRL Cables.

As one attendee noted, GLOW was a "breath of fresh air," given the preponderance of over-priced, over-sized audio gear on display.


The minimalist GLOW systems performed beautifully, embarassing many of the over $20,000 systems on display at the Newport Show.


GLOW Audio introduced its newly developed floor standing monitor speakers. Designed and manufactured in the USA, driver options will include our own two way speaker drivers, and a custom order high sensitivity version utilizing modified Tannoy drivers that produce 93 dB SPL with just 1 watt input (pictured). Both versions are easy to drive, and match up well with both single ended and push-pull tube amplifiers. Customers can select from a choice of finishes; pictured is the teak finish with solid 1" front baffles. Availability and pricing to be announced. 


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MAY 2013 - New GLOW Dealer.  We would like to welcome new GLOW dealer AUDIOBOUTIQUE located in British Columbia. Information on our new dealer is located on our HEAR GLOW page.


One Customer's Opinion:


“I have spent many hours this past week listening to my new Glow Amp One version 1.3, with the Voice One and Sub One.  

I must say I am very impressed with this package. 

The build quality of the amp is exceptional, as well as the fit and finish. This is a beautifully made amp.

Being an amp builder myself, I took a peek underneath and the craftsmanship is awesome!

I am amazed  by the imaging and soundstage created by the Voice One speakers.
Albeit the Voice One’s have less than 90dB sensitivity, they are well matched with the sub and the beautiful sounding 5 watt SE amp. 

Even without the sub, I am pleasantly surprised by the bass response from the Voice One.

You hit it out of the ballpark with this design!. 

True testament to good speaker design.

In addition, I took the amp on a test drive with my Klipsch Forte’s (>97dB).

I was pleasantly surprised that the GLOW amp outperformed my push pull amp.
Very nice comparison and again, excellent imaging and soundstage.

Overall, for the price, build quality, appearance and sound, this is a very well thought out system.

It is in general a unique stereo system that grabs as much attention for looks as well as musical reproduction. 

Great Job!!”  

–Brad Rapciak, May 1, 2013


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APRIL 2013 - 2013 Amp One update.  We are fully stocked with the new 2013 Amp One in every color option, as seen in the photo above. We will continue to include a new GLOW Audio DAC 1.3 external DAC unit with each Amp One order, at no additional cost.  


2013 Amp Two update.  We are fully stocked with our new GLOW Audio Amp Two in both White and Black high gloss versions. They are lovely to look at, and sound awesome. We have been listening to the new amp with a range of loudspeakers, from easy-to-drive Tannoy monitors and harder-to-drive Magnepans to our own easy on the ears GLOW Voice One speakers. This amp handles them all. For the time being, we willl include with every purchase of the GLOW AMp Two a new GLOW Audio DAC 1.3 external digital-to-analog converter, at no additional cost.





Above:  Rear angle view of the GLOW Amp Two in hi-gloss black, showing the side mounted controls.



Front view of the 2013 GLOW Amp Two, top on and top off.


As the photos show, the Amp Two has an uncluttered and appealing look. We intended it to have an elegant and timeless appearance. It is constructed of steel and not plastic. The controls are out of view, located on the side panel. Years from now, it will remain a gorgeous centerpiece of your audio system.


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JANUARY-FEBRUARY-MARCH 2013 - Amp One update.  All 2013 amps have arrived and are ready for immediate delivery


We received a large number of pre-orders for the new 2013 Amp One, and we thank you all for your business. Glowbies, your patience will be rewarded with a beautiful product that will last for years!


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More than a passing resemblance: The Amp Two and the Amp One, seen side-by-side


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October to December 2012 - DEBUT OF THE GLOW AUDIO AMP TWO.  We unveiled our GLOW Audio Amp Two at a special after hours event held on October 6th at ALDEA Designs in San Francisco. A fun time was had by all .... and the music was fabulous....




The GLOW Amp Two playing to the masses ...... SF Glowbies pondering what makes it sound so delectable. 


GLOW speakers looking right at home in the ALDEA showroom ....  GLOW Amp One serving up tunes via headphones 



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September 2012 - Alas, perhaps the best speaker cable deal on the planet is done. We are out of our most excellent 12 gauge Acoustic Research speaker cables, and there will be no more available from the manufacturer. We are actively looking for new sources of similar or better quality cable that we can offer at reasonable prices to our customers. Stay tuned.


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August 2012  - Sale Items - Our warehouse crew has made available a small number of Open Box and Demo items, and even one New-in-Box item from our 2012 inventory. We are making these items available to you at discounted prices. Check our GLOW SALES  page for details. These are first come first serve, so act quickly!


AMP ONE UPDATE:   The 2013 version will retain the classic look of the original GLOW Audio Amp One, but will incorporate several new features including: 2 RCA analog inputs (instead of one); hi/lo impedance switch for headphone users; replacing the internal DAC with an external DAC device  offering higher quality digital to analog conversion. All of this will be accomplished by placing the additional switching on the side panels, so the front panel will retain the elegant, uncluttered look that distinguishes GLOW from other products.


AMP TWO UPDATE:   We are often asked when we might offer any additions to our original line up. The reason for the long development time is simple. It has taken us this long to perfect a more powerful push/pull amp that can equal the sound quality of the GLOW Amp One.

In voicing the Amp Two, we turned to DeHavilland Audio's Kara Chaffee, who worked with our engineers to get the best sound possible out of the amp. The amp has a classic sound. It has the punch of a good push/pull amp, without the graininess that is so characteristic of many push/pull amps in its price range. It has the sweet high end that the EL84 offers, and sounds wonderful on a wide range of music. For those who need more power than the GLOW Amp One provides, at 15 watts per channel, the GLOW Amp Two just might be the solution.  

The Amp Two will be priced below $2000. It is intended to equal or exceed the quality and performance of amplifiers costing up to twice the price. We hope to have the Amp Two in our warehouse and available to our customers by December.



Sneak Preview of the 2013 GLOW Audio Amp Two



Roughly twice the size of the GLOW Amp One and capable of 12.5 watts per channel via a refined push pull design.



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June-July 2012 - Introducing the GLOW Audio Amp Two ....... In addition to a new and improved version of our GLOW Audio Amp One, we will be unveiling our new addition to the GLOW line up, the GLOW Audio Amp Two, sometime in October. The GLOW Amp Two is a push pull unit producing 15 watts per channel, with EL84 power tubes. Like the GLOW Amp One, it is assembled utilizing the point-to-point method, to assure years of durability, reliability, and superior performance. 


Coming soon, the long awaited GLOW Audio Amp Two



Our products are hand made and hand assembled, so production is a slow process.  We apologize for the delay in receiving new inventory of our acclaimed GLOW Audio Amp One, but in all honesty, the superior sound of a GLOW amplifier is worth the wait. 


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May 2012- We remain true to our formula; Offer innovative products featuring our own designs, make sure they are built well and use high quality components, don't rely on re-branding to expand the  product line, give the customer good value and a product that will last for years.  

It looks like the low key approach has been the right way to go for GLOW.  By focusing on the product and not the marketing, we have developed a small but loyal following. People from around the world manage to find us on the web. They do their homework, they read the reviews, and they make informed decisions.  

It seems the no frills, minimalist design of GLOW gear is a big plus for folks who simply want the best sound possible, with a minimum of fuss and headache. People also like the fact that we don't use a lot of plastic and cheap printed circuit boards.


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April 2012 - A review of our 2012 GLOW Amp One was published this April in the Audiophile Journal. Here is some of what was said...


"The Amp One from GLOW Audio is an amazing feat."


"We've never seen point to point wiring at $800."


"The Amp One is a solid piece of equipment...

a true ALPS volume potentiometer and hand wound transformers."


"Tested with Sennheiser HD600 and AKG 702 headphones,

the best tube headphone amplifier I've heard to date."


"And oh yeah, the sound is gorgeous."



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March 2012 -  Here is a photo showing the meticulous construction and detail that goes into every one of our amps:


   When you open most amps these days, you will see either printed circuit boards, or a mess of wiring that looks more like last night's spaghetti.


Recently received comments regarding the 2012 version of our GLOW Amp One :


“I bought the Amp One because I thought it might make a good amp for a second system. I never thought for a second that it would replace my primary amp, which weighs 47 lbs, cost over $4,000, puts out over 100 watts per channel with 0.003 THD, has a complex A/B class A hybrid design with a J-FET input stage, MOSFET driver stage, and bipolar output stage.  

Surely the minimalist little GLOW amp couldn’t match this magnificently designed behemoth. But putting the GLOW amp to the test the past few weeks, I am left flabbergasted. I am not prepared to say that it will replace my main amp, because I am having a hard time wrapping my head around that possibility, but based on what I am hearing, it just might. The sound is so natural and honest; it brings a smile to my face.”  S. Emanuels,  Portland, OR


“The Glow is pumping beautiful music through my Loth-X Ion 1 (94 db sensitivity and a real 8 ohm load) speakers.  A night and day improvement over my NVA AP10, even with the tubes only starting out.”  W. Harrison, Ontario CA


“My brother purchased 2 of your Amp Ones and I have NEVER heard anything so wonderful in my life!”  T. Callahan, New Jersey


"The GLOW amp in all its simplicity just sounds wonderful. I dare say it is addictive. It is not an analytical sound, but rather more musical. It has emotional impact, even if it cannot match my previous solid state amp in sheer dynamic output. I listen to music on the GLOW amp for hours, without tinkering with the settings or thinking about the equipment. With my solid state amp, I was fretting way too much about the quality of the recordings, the position of the speakers, my cables ….   it seemed from one recording to the next, the sound needed additional tweaking. With this little amp it’s all about the music; I turn it on and just absorb the great sound. It is a completely different experience, and I like it.”  -P. Howard, Chicago, IL


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January-February 2012 - A new year and from GLOW there will be new things to show and talk about. On the horizon; new speakers and new amps to add to our award winning line up.
"I never imagined the full frequency sound this system delivers."  
Audio as Art - David Kan with the audio reviewers  included our GLOW Voice One speakers in his "Personal Favorites of 2011" article. His new review piece discusses his respect for the designs of Bang & Olufsen's Jacob Jensen, whose sculpted and linear audio creations have been exhibited at some of the world's top museums, including New York's Museum of Modern Art.
Mr. Kan notes that some audiophiles never took B&O seriously enough, and he attributes that to the sound quality of B&O's own speakers, which he considers were the Achilles heel of the B&O audio systems. He writes, "No offense to Beophiles but their puffy bass and half-hearted midrange rendered them glorified portable stereos." .".  In putting together a vintage B&O system, Mr. Kan chose to replace the B&O speakers with a pair of Glow Audio Voice One widebanders. Within a cabinet, no less. "Such taboo placement gives the widebanders a bonus backloaded horn effect. I never imagined the full frequency sound this system delivers."  Oh, the magic of those full range hemp and bamboo drivers. Even when placed within an unconventional setting, the wide dispersion, great imaging and big soundstage created by these speakers can still impress.  

December 2011 (cont'd) - "Maybe the nicest desktop audio option money can buy"That's how our good looking and even better sounding loudspeakers are being described on one of the hottest gift lists of the year, the  Gift List.  The Hollywood Reporter has also included our award winning loudspeakers in their Eco-Friendly Gift Guide as one of this years' Top 10 Gifts.
December 2011 - Whether you've been naughty or nice is between you and Santa. We are here to say that there is no better way to bring in the New Year than having your very own single ended tube amplifier playing your favorite holiday classics. Especially nice with the natural, organic sound of our Voice One hemp and bamboo speakers.  Have a Wonderful Holiday Season, from the folks at GLOW Audio.
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October-November 2011 - We have seen a number of small, cute "tube amplifiers" come on the market since the release of our GLOW Amp One in 2007.  Without mentioning any names, we note that many of them are no longer being sold, or have had their prices slashed; a sure sign that the amps are not selling very briskly. One cute little number that was launched to much fanfare just two years ago listed at over $800 when introduced, but is now being sold off at under $350.
Why do we continue to sell out of our amps, when other companies are slashing their prices to get rid of their inventory? How is it that we do no advertising, yet still sell out of our annual production runs year after year? 
The answer is in the product itself. We do not have to advertise, because by word of mouth, folks hear about how great our amp sounds.  Our amp has a following ..... our customers are extremely loyal, and they are the best advertisement a company could ever want.
Our amp sounds significantly better than some of the small "tube amps" that have cropped up since our amp was introduced, because our amp is a true tube amp, with tube driven preamp and power amp stages. That's right, no transistors, and no printed circuit boards. 
Many of the small "tube amps" out there, some of them intended specifically for iPod use, only have a tube preamp section. They still have a transistor based power amp section. And that makes it only half as good as the GLOW Amp One.
Is it false advertisement to sell an amp as a tube amp when it does not have a tube based power amp section? We'll ultimately leave that to the consumer to decide, but it is true that the promotional literature for many of these "tube amps" neglects to inform the consumer that the only tubes the amp has are for the preamp stage. And we contend that it is the power amp stage that is the most critical. Mating a tube preamp section with a transistor based power amp section is cutting a pretty big corner ... that is a design short cut we at GLOW would never entertain. 
The other distinguishing factor is the care in design and build quality. We spend a lot of time designing and voicing our amplifiers. We chose the single ended design circuit for the GLOW Amp One, because, while it is limited in power output, it provides the highest level of resolution and realism.  We often hear the word "breathtaking" from our loyal customers, when describing the sound of the GLOW Amp One.
Finally, our amps are all hand assembled, using the point-t-point method, without reliance on circuit baords. This is more expensive, but it makes for a better product.
So when it comes to spending your hard earned money on a real tube amplifier, make sure that the amplifier you are looking at is a real tube amplifier, and not a transistor power amplifier with a tube preamp section.
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September 2011 -  We are receiving excellent feedback regarding our 2011 GLOW Audio Amp One. Some of you have questions about this amplifier; we have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding our acclaimed little over-achiever.
The 2011 version looks the same as previous versions, except for the appearance of the more robust tube cage.
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