iPod iPhone stereo tube amplifier with USB and DAC headphone amp
stereo tube amplifier with DAC and direct USB connectivity, great sound with ipod, computer, or any musical source

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GLOW Audio

Superior Sounding, Artfully Designed Audio Gear.







Equal Parts Style and Substance. 


We make superior sounding, artfully designed tube amplifiers and loudspeakers.  Our products also happen to be affordable.  We are out to challenge the assumption that getting high fidelity sound requires a big investment in the usual Big Name audio equipment.  Be prepared for a pleasant surprise.

Whatever kind of music you enjoy, from whatever source, GLOW brings your music to life...beginning with the classic GLOW Audio Amp One, and now with the all new GLOW Amp Two. Our stereo tube amplifiers are even computer-ready, with our optional plug-and-play GLOW DAC.




glow audio single ended stereo tube amplifier headphone amp integrated valve amplifier


Less is More.  


Most of the little plastic buttons on modern day audio equipment do nothing to improve the sound of your music.  But they do add to the cost and complexity of the equipment. 

We opt to keep things simple.  Eliminating unnecessary “bells and whistles” minimizes the amount of circuitry impacting the signal. The result is a pure, realistic sound…. the sound of the music…. only possible when the detail, resolution and dynamics of the original performance are properly and faithfully reproduced. 

Set your Music Free.


We power our unique loudspeakers with hand built tube amplifiers made with the highest quality components. Custom transformers and circuits assembled using the point-to-point wiring method. This means no printed circuit boards are used in our amplifiers (in the 1980s research conducted by the renowned Tannoy company concluded that printed circuit boards are detrimental to sound quality .... and we agree).  This build quality is unheard of in our price range. 


The audible results are breathtaking. 





Enough is Enough.  

Big Name Audio components are typically large, ungainly devices.  Sadly, much of it doesn't sound as good as you might expect, either.  No wonder so many people are turning to iPods and boomboxes.  People are making the conscious choice to sacrifice audio fidelity in exchange for convenience and simplicity. But it doesn't have to be that way.  With a GLOW tube amplifier at the heart of your music system, you may discover you don't need a stack of components bristling with buttons or 500 transistor generated watts of power in order to enjoy true high fidelity sound.


Small is Big.  

Our speakers are small. Our award winning Amp One stereo tube amplifier is the size of a shoe box with a fraction of the power of the typical transistor component.  But the GLOW sound is big, lush and full.  It's not magic, but it is amazing.


GLOW is Easy.  

We want to put the enjoyment back into listening to music.  Our stuff is easy to set up and operate, easy to maintain, easy to look at and very easy to listen to.




GLOW to the People.  

We strive to make our products affordable, because high fidelity should not be limited to the few with unlimited means.  The truth is, a whole GLOW system can be had for less than some audiophiles pay for speaker cables.  Right on. 



GLOW Quality.

Our products are affordable, not "cheap."  We use the highest quality materials.  More steel, less  plastic.  No simulated-wood-grain-vinyl-covered speaker cabinets. As small as it is, the GLOW Amp One stereo tube amplifier weighs in at a solid 15 pounds. GLOW products are designed better, built better, look better and sound better than audio products costing much more. 


push pull integrated valve amplifier pentode glow audio stereo tube amplifier



The Art of GLOW.  


Our products look different.  Simple.  Elegant.  Timeless.  GLOW products are intentionally compact, to complement your decor without dominating your living environment, with a rich, understated design that nevertheless commands attention.







GLOW is Green.  


We strive to be environmentally friendly by minimizing our impact on limited resources.  Our tube amplifiers are frugal. The GLOW Amp One consumes 12% less energy than a standard 60 watt light bulb.  GLOW does not make "disposable" consumer products; our stuff is designed to last for many many years.  Instead of aluminum or polypropylene, our speaker cones are made from bamboo and hemp fibers, materials that not only make the speakers sound more natural, but are also renewable resources.  Our speaker enclosures are made of recycled scrap wood and our speaker stands are made of bamboo.   We will continue to explore ways to use materials that are renewable.

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