Full range speakers single driver extended range bamboo. Glow speakers full range speakers single driver orb shaped loudspeakers recycled scrap wood enclosures hemp
glow audio full range speaker hemp bamboo single driver loudspeaker

 Glow audio amp one amp two stereo tube amplifier  tube audio fostex bamboo hemp driver bookshelf speaker high sensitivity efficient speaker el84 el34 single end ended push pull pentode class a, ultralinear tube amplifier with DAC Bluetooth or any musical source no tripath t-amp no transistor full range single driveer lowther




T H E     G L O W    A U D I O    L O U D S P E A K E R S 


Superior design, better sound.



GLOW Voice One full range driver hemp and bamboo single driver loudspeaker


The GLOW AUDIO Voice One


"The Glow Audio loudspeakers look like something out of a 1960's magazine. They made my music sound amazing and full, bringing artists like Muddy Waters and Ray Lamontagne right into my bedroom, serenading my morning ritual, and soothing me like a lullaby as I closed my eyes to sleep at night.” 

-Sandy Taylor, POSITIVE FEEDBACK Issue 43






"Designed for long-term listening without fatigue ... surprisingly extended frequency range."

-Dean Seislove, POSITIVE FEEDBACK Issue 44





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About the VOICE ONE Loudspeaker.

Our design goal: Small loudspeakers that perform exceptionally well with our GLOW tube amplifiers.  Thoughtfully designed using the best materials available.  Visually appealing as well, these loudspeakers make a statement before they make a sound.  In keeping with our philosophy, GLOW loudspeakers provide exceptional value.  




About the SOUND:  Remarkable mid-range clarity, excellent high end reproduction and surprisingly good bass output from a small driver/enclosure combination. Minimal front baffle diffraction means a big soundstage with pinpoint imaging. The specially designed enclosure minimizes both standing waves within the cabinet structure and enclosure resonance, resulting in a fast, open sound devoid of the congestion and strain so often evident in small bookshelf speakers. Bass response is exceptional for such a small speaker.


Available in two natural wood finishes (blond and mahogany) and a variety of high gloss piano grade finishes in colors to match your GLOW Amp One (Pearl, Black, Red and Silver)


NOTE: We are currently Out of Stock of our acclaimed GLOW Voice One speaker in the natural wood finishes, and in gloss black, pearl white, and gloss red. We do have limited stock of the speakers in metallic silver. These speakers are hand made, each enclosure assembled from over 30 pieces of recycled/reclaimed wood. The cost to manufacture the speakers has skyrocketed since our last production run (more than doubling) and we are actively seeking new suppliers who can make the enclosures to our specifications. We do not expect new stock until the Fall of 2015. 








Proprietary 3" full range driver cones made of bamboo and hemp fibers for a natural, organic sound.


"Puzzle piece" enclosures made of recycled scrap wood, to minimize environmental impacts.


"Facet" interior enclosure surface (patent pending). While the outer surface of the enclosure is smooth, the interior has a faceted surface that acts to break up standing waves. 


"Variable cross section" enclosure minimizes frequency specific enclosure resonances (patent pending) .


High quality speaker connections.








Our speakers have the ability to provide a wide and flat frequency response without a crossover, and without taking up much of your living space, which we think is very good.  The hemp and bamboo fiber drivers are small in diameter to enhance high frequency capabilities and utilize a specially designed phase plug (the silver bullet looking object in the middle of the driver), so the dispersion is excellent, improving off-axis response. No crossover in our speaker means a smoother and more natural sound from a smaller enclosure, less complexity and less cost to you. The enclosure is specially designed to maximize bass output, so even if you choose not to acquire the GLOW subwoofer, bass is surprisingly full in most listening environments when deep bass is not a requirement. 







Voice One



Dimensions (LxWxH)  ..................... 9.06" x 9.06" x 11.02"

                                                         230 mm x 230 mm x 280 mm

Enclosure Material  .....................  Reclaimed scrap wood

Nominal Impedance ..................  8 ohms

Minimum Impedance..................  6 ohms

Speaker Terminal .........................  Binding Posts X 2

Accessories ..................................  Removable metal grills

Weight ..........................................  Net:      1.7 Kg ..... 3.7 lbs.

                                                         Gross:  3.7 Kg ..... 6.4 lbs.

Driver Type .................................... 3" Full Range Driver

                                                          Hemp and Bamboo Fiber






Specifications are subject to improvement without notice or obligation.


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